New connector: Azure Data Factory

Seamlessly incorporate Azure Data Factory pipelines into decube's comprehensive Data Catalog, monitor job statuses, investigate incidents, and visualize data lineage for optimized data transformation workflows.


Melanie Yong

Updated on

January 10, 2024

We are thrilled to announce the exciting integration of Azure Data Factory with decube! Unlock the full potential of your data transformation processes and gain unparalleled visibility into data lineage as you harness the power of Azure Data Factory and leverage the advanced features of decube.

A Comprehensive Data Catalog

Upon connecting Azure Data Factory to decube, you can seamlessly incorporate your data pipelines and transformation workflows into decube's comprehensive Data Catalog. Leverage decube's intuitive interface to view detailed information about your Azure Data Factory pipelines, including job definitions and run statuses. Assign ownership to data jobs by adding a Data Owner within the Asset Attributes pop-up, allowing for better collaboration and accountability within your data team.

Your ADF assets in the Catalog.

Monitoring and Incident Management

Monitor the status of your Azure Data Factory pipelines and transformations effortlessly using decube's Data Quality module. By integrating Azure Data Factory with decube, monitoring for all your data pipelines will be enabled by default. In the event of a job failure, decube will raise an incident type called "Job failure" within the Data Quality module. Investigate the incident details, track the root cause, and close the incident once resolved. Configure notifications for job failures through the Monitors tab within Asset Details to stay updated on potential issues.

Example of a Monitors page in Asset Details.

Visualize your Lineage

Gain valuable insights into the flow of data within your Azure Data Factory pipelines using decube's powerful Lineage feature. Navigate to the Asset Details of your Azure Data Factory assets and explore the lineage of data from its origin to its destination. Visualize the relationships between different components and understand the column-to-column dependencies, empowering you to make informed decisions and ensure data integrity and accuracy throughout your data transformation processes.

Leverage decube's intuitive user interface and configuration options to map the connection names referenced in your Azure Data Factory transformation jobs to existing connections within decube, ensuring a seamless integration experience. Check out our guide here.

Add additional configuration to your ADF connection.

Seamless no-code setup

Setting up the Azure Data Factory integration with decube is a straightforward process. Check out our guide here.

Interested in our Public Roadmap?

If you want to know what's next on our connector list, check out our Public Roadmap here.

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