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Founded with a single goal in mind - to revolutionize the way businesses engage with their data, Decube is at the forefront of modern data stack solutions. As pioneers in data observability, data discovery, and governance, we bring to the table a platform that is intuitive, comprehensive, and designed to supercharge your data journey.

Data engineers and business teams often find themselves in firefighting mode when faced with issues like broken dashboards, outdated reports, or empty reports. To address this, we're developing a product that enables data engineers to easily observe data stack, while also providing business teams with clear visibility into the status of their data, tables, and reports. This way, they can quickly identify and address any incidents that may arise.

Today, we are proud to be a trusted partner for businesses across industries, helping them unlock the true potential of their data. Our platform integrates seamlessly into your modern data stack, providing a clear, bird’s-eye view of your data landscape and serving as a reliable compass in the complex data jungle.At Decube, we're not just about making data manageable - we're about making it meaningful. We are dedicated to pushing the boundaries, fostering innovation, and driving a data-centric revolution for businesses worldwide. We are Decube - guiding data navigation, one modern data stack at a time.


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“We have been using this platform for a few months now, and we are extremely satisfied with the results. The platform has helped us to improve the quality of our data and make better business decisions.”

Hendrie | Head - Data Engineering@ Koinworks

“Our company has been using this platform for the past 2 months and it has completely transformed the way we manage our data. The observability features have been especially valuable, allowing us to identify and resolve issues in near real-time”

Simon | Data Engineer @ Flowerchimp

“The data observability features have been a real lifesaver for our organization. We are now able to detect and fix problems in our data pipeline much faster than before.”

Siva | OpsEngineer @ Kollect

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