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Data Observability with anomaly detection

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Data Discovery - Metadata management

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Data Pipeline Observability

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Column Level Lineage

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Observe. Discover . Govern - for Modern Data Stack

Configure tests across data sources
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No more cron jobs to set up data quality checks.

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Add tests with just a few clicks.

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Write Custom SQL tests for specific business needs.

End-to-end automated column level lineage
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Understand downstream and upstream sources.

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Impact analysis for affected tables.

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Reduce time to debug data incidents.

Monitor data pipelines including dbt models
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Pipeline observability that is easily configured.

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Get notified and assign to the right person.

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Allocate responsibilities for each model or job.

Improve Data Discovery
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Data assets from all sources in one place

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Enable data sharing and collaboration

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Helps users understand the context and meaning of data assets by providing descriptive metadata, such as data definitions, data types, and data relationships.

Governance Simplified
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Automated PII tagging.

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Masking data with a few clicks.

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Approval flow across the platform.

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For all personas

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For Data Engineers

Spend less time fire-fighting data incidents and build trust with internal stakeholders from reliable data.

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For AI/ML Engineers

Get complete visibility and understanding of data going into AI/ML models to develop accurate models for real business impact.

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For Product/Business Teams

Discover quickly the data you need to make informed decisions and break down data silos between teams.

Integrations for end-to-end coverage

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Features at a glance

People are loving Decube, see what you are missing

“We have been using this platform for a few months now, and we are extremely satisfied with the results. The platform has helped us to improve the quality of our data and make better business decisions.”

Hendrie | Head - Data Engineering @ Koinworks

“Our company has been using this platform for the past 2 months and it has completely transformed the way we manage our data. The observability features have been especially valuable, allowing us to identify and resolve issues in near real-time”

Simon | Data Engineer @ Flowerchimp

“The data observability features have been a real lifesaver for our organization. We are now able to detect and fix problems in our data pipeline much faster than before.”

Siva | OpsEngineer @ Kollect

Reliability for your data-stack

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