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Data Governance

Simplify governance and build trust in your data. Drive consistency and standardization across teams. Locate all your business terms to critical data assets. Like google, for all your sources.

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Auto-Tag Key Assets

PII and Sensitive fields are classified automatically for security and compliance.

Automated Crawling

No manual updating of meta-data. Once your sources are connected, it's auto-refreshed.

Access Controls

Control who can view or edit information with designated approval flow.

Build trust in your data.

Standardize understanding of critical business metrics

No more spreadsheets - setup a glossary of business terms and assign ownership to your team. Link your data assets from the catalog so that your team always knows where the most important metrics come from.

Visibility on all your data assets in one central repository

Automated population of repository upon data source connection. Integrated with our Data Quality engine, so you’ll know if some assets have incidents to be resolved before use.

Enable compliance to regulations by clear data classifications

Help your team understand the context of your data assets by adding descriptions and custom tags. Critical fields with potentially PII or Sensitive data will be identified and auto-classified.

Trace the journey of data from origin to destination

Identify and address any inaccuracies or errors during the data lifecycle. Essential for auditing, improving risk management and ensuring data is stored in line with governance policies and regulation.

Approval workflow to manage edit requests

Ensure high-quality data in your central repository by managing the process of updating data so that only your organization expert can review changes before they’re published to all users.

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“We have been using this platform for a few months now, and we are extremely satisfied with the results. The platform has helped us to improve the quality of our data and make better business decisions.”

Hendrie | Head - Data Engineering @ Koinworks

“Our company has been using this platform for the past 2 months and it has completely transformed the way we manage our data. The observability features have been especially valuable, allowing us to identify and resolve issues in near real-time”

Simon | Data Engineer @ Flowerchimp

“The data observability features have been a real lifesaver for our organization. We are now able to detect and fix problems in our data pipeline much faster than before.”

Siva | OpsEngineer @ Kollect

All in one place

Comprehensive and centralized solution for data governance, and observability.

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