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Frequently asked questions

Features available during trial period?

During the trial period, you’ll have access to all the features that we support with our paid plans. However, the minimum scan frequency window will be limited to 3 hours.

Do you transfer any data from our database or warehouse?

We only store metadata from our scans. The Data Recon module, however, can store unmatched rows for upto 30 days. This can be opted-in by the user according to their preference.

Where is decube hosted?

We are hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS) with adequate redundancy mechanisms that ensure close to zero downtime.

Do you have self-hosted option?

Yes, it’s only available for the Growth & Enterprise plan. Kindly reach out to us at for further information.

Does decube impact our infrastructure cost?

There will be slight cost increases on your cloud billing due to the additional data scans that are performed. Based on our experience it should be around 2-3%.

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Comprehensive and centralized solution for data governance, and observability.

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