New Connector: Azure Synapse Analytics

Discover how the integration between Azure Synapse Analytics and Decube brings advanced data monitoring, in-depth insights and robust data governance. Get connected today and unlock a new level of data visibility, control, and insights.


Melanie Yong

Updated on

January 10, 2024

For teams leveraging Azure Synapse Analytics, we have exciting news! We are thrilled to announce the addition of a new integration that brings a wealth of features to enhance your data discovery, monitoring, and governance capabilities. By connecting Azure Synapse Analytics with Decube, our data observability and governance platform, you can unlock a new level of data visibility, control, and insights. Let's dive into the features this integration offers and how it can revolutionize your data workflows.

Azure Synapse Analytics: A Powerful Data Analytics Platform

For those who are not familiar with Azure Synapse Analytics, it is a comprehensive cloud-based analytics service provided by Microsoft. It combines big data analytics and data warehousing capabilities into a single platform, empowering organizations to efficiently process, explore, and gain valuable insights from large volumes of data. With its integrated approach, Azure Synapse Analytics enables businesses to seamlessly perform data engineering, data integration, data warehousing, and data analysis tasks, all within a unified environment. Its scalability, performance, and advanced analytics capabilities make it an ideal solution for handling complex data workloads.

Discover and Document Knowledge with Data Catalog:

Exampe of a Catalog populated with assets from your Synapse connection.

Just like our previous integrations, connecting Azure Synapse Analytics to Decube offers you the ability to discover all your data assets in one place. Decube's Data Catalog feature enables you to seamlessly view all your Azure Synapse Analytics tables, empowering you with comprehensive data discovery capabilities. Easily explore and understand your data assets, making it easier to derive meaningful insights and drive informed decision-making.

In-depth Insights and Data Lineage:

Example of a Table Overview page for a Synapse Table.

With Decube, you can delve deeper into your Azure Synapse Analytics data. Leverage our Table Profiler to scan metadata and obtain a holistic Table Overview. This overview, bundled with our Field Statistics provides valuable insights such as uniqueness, correlation, skewness, and cardinality, giving you a quick glance at key statistics for your columns. Additionally, explore the lineage of your Azure Synapse Analytics tables, tracking data flow from its source to downstream assets. This lineage visualization ensures data integrity and helps you make informed decisions based on trusted information.

Data Governance: Classify your Sensitive and PII data

Tag and classify your columns.

Efficient data governance is crucial for maintaining data quality and security. By integrating Azure Synapse Analytics with Decube, you can apply comprehensive data governance practices. Add tags, classifications, and descriptions to your columns, providing crucial context to your teams. Ensure data privacy and compliance by implementing access controls and defining user permissions. Collaborate seamlessly with your team by leveraging Decube's centralized platform, enabling effective communication and alignment on data initiatives.

Monitor the health of your data in Azure Synapse

Example for an incident triggered via a schema change.

Enable monitoring on tables and columns to ensure data quality and reliability. Our Data Observability solution offers field-level monitors and custom monitors, allowing you to set up comprehensive checks and alerts. This empowers you to make data-driven decisions with confidence, knowing that your data is accurate, consistent, and reliable.

Easy set up for Synapse

Connecting your Azure Synapse Analytics account to Decube is straightforward and hassle-free. Simply follow our documentation guide, which provides step-by-step instructions to establish the integration. No coding is required, ensuring a seamless setup process. Start harnessing the power of Azure Synapse Analytics and Decube together to optimize your data workflows and unlock valuable insights.

What's next for new connectors?

We're always working on adding new connectors every month, check it out on our Public Roadmap here.

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