Two new integrations: Databricks and Fivetran

I’m thrilled to announce that we’ve added connections to Databricks AND Fivetran this week!


Melanie Yong

Updated on

January 10, 2024

The more the merrier, am I right?

As promised, we’re currently working hard on adding new integrations every week, and I’m thrilled to announce that we’ve added connections to Databricks AND Fivetran this week! 🎉

Monitor your data health with Databricks connection

Databricks is a cloud-based platform developed by an enterprise software company that facilitates data engineering tools for processing and transforming massive amounts of data in order to create machine learning models. We’ve recently published a Beginner’s Guide to Databricks. Check it out here.

Databricks tables will be automatically shown in your Data Catalog upon connection.

By connecting Databricks to your decube account, you’ll be able to see all your tables within our Data Catalog. From here you’ll be able to use our Table Profiler to scan information from your metadata to display a Table Overview where there are table-wide statistics on your columns such as uniqueness, correlation, skewness and cardinality, and also give you a quick glance at statistics such as min, max, median, distinct% and null% of your tables to get a picture of your data before you use for data analysis or modeling. 

An example of a Databricks table.

Wait, there’s more! You’ll also be able to add tags, classifications and descriptions to your columns so you can give more context to your team, and also explore the lineage of your Databricks table from the source to your downstream assets.

On top of that, you’ll also be able to enable monitoring on your Databricks tables and columns, I’ve recently shared a Loom on how to add field-level monitors and custom monitors so you can fully utilize our Data Quality solution, learn more here.

If you’ll like to connect your Databricks account today, here’s a helpful doc for you on how to connect your Databricks account. The setup is simple and needs no code, I promise.

Track the health of your jobs with our Fivetran connection

Following up with our introduction of dbt as a connection to supercharge your observability, we now also support Fivetran so you can track the health of your transformations so that you never skip a beat.

If you’re not familiar with Fivetran, it’s a cloud-based data integration platform that allows businesses to centralize and automate the process of collecting and analyzing data from various sources. It supports over 150 different data sources, including popular applications like Salesforce, HubSpot, and Google Analytics.

With this connection, you’ll now be able to see your Fivetran transformations within your Data Catalog. We’ve synced them to the Catalog so you’ll be able to see the run status of each job, and you can assign ownership over the transformation right in decube itself.

Your Fivetran transformations, all in one place.

Connecting your Fivetran integration enables monitoring on failures by default, so if there’s a failure on the job, a “Job Failure” incident will be raised and you’ll be notified via email or Slack if you choose that in the settings. 

Adding your Fivetran connection is simple, I've prepared a guide here.  

What’s next?

Interested to see something you use added as a connector? Drop us a message on the live chat on the bottom right.

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