A new connector to supercharge your observability: dbt!

We’re thrilled to announce that decube now can integrate with your dbt account. 🎉



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January 10, 2024

We’re thrilled to announce that decube now can integrate with your dbt account. 🎉 If you’re not familiar with dbt (Data Build Tool), it’s a popular tool for data teams to transform data within their warehouses and has became a regular part of the modern data stack of many companies. With this, we’ve made some changes to our Catalog and Data Quality modules to support a new type of connection: Transformations.

New asset type - Data Jobs and Data Runs.

The new asset types will automatically populate your data catalog once connected.

By connecting to your dbt account, you can see new types of assets within your Data Catalog, namely your Data Jobs and Data Runs. We’ve synced metadata on your transformations so your team can view details about each job directly within decube’s Asset Details. Understand the Definition for each Job and the run status. You can also assign ownership over the Data Job, by adding a Data Owner within the Asset Attributes pop-up.

For dbt, there are also new asset types such as Virtual tables and Virtual columns, which are similar to tables and columns within your data warehouses except that you would not be able to see the Field Statistics and set up monitoring for these tables. 

New incident type - Job failures

Example of a job failure.

You can now directly monitor the status of your transformations via our Data Quality module. Upon connecting dbt, monitoring for all your transformations will be enabled by default. If there’s a failure in a job, a new incident type Job failure will be raised within Data Quality. Just like other types of incidents, you’ll be able to view more details on the incident and close the incident once the root cause has been investigated. 

If you’d like to receive a notification for these job failures, you can go ahead and enable notifications via the Monitors tab within Asset Details for the particular job. 

We’ll be adding more transformation tools soon, such as Fivetran and Airflow. Interested to see something you use added as a connector? Drop us a message on the live chat.

Looking for more information about what else we’re working on? Visit our Public Roadmap.

Here’s a direct link to our Changelog where we share our newest updates to the platform.

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