New: Incident Resolution with Enhanced Insights

An upgraded and focused experience within the Incidents Detail where you can see the metrics from each scan with the problematic points highlighted in the graph, assign a user to manage the incident, see the impacted areas from the downstream lineage, and even preview the affected rows.


Melanie Yong

Updated on

January 10, 2024

Have you checked out our new update with the Data Quality Incidents? 

We’re acutely aware of the hurdles you face when it comes to troubleshooting data incidents. The relentless search for insights to diagnose issues, the daunting task of tracing data lineage, and the delicate balance between quick resolution and thorough analysis can often feel like navigating a labyrinth.

This powerful upgrade to our Incident Details feature is designed exclusively with you, the data engineers, in mind. It's here to revolutionize the way you tackle data incidents, making the process faster, smarter, and more efficient than ever before.

Informative graphs for each test type

An example of a graph for a Volume test where an unexpected ingestion volume will trigger an incident.

We’ve upgraded all our charts to show you more descriptive charts for each test type and highlight the points where there was an incident. From here you can see a clear trend of when your monitoring triggered an incident to get started with understanding the issue.

Unveiling Scan and Test Insights

An example of a Schema Drift incident - Each scan is recorded to show you where the tests failed and generated an incident.

Metrics from our monitoring are now quickly available via our History tab, so you can see all tests that had failed the caused the incident. We show you the timestamp of all scans with their expected thresholds and actuals values obtained to aid you in your swift troubleshooting.

Assign incidents directly to your team

We've heard your call for seamless teamwork, and we're answering it with the ability to assign incidents directly from the Incident Details interface. No more lost time or miscommunications. Assign, resolve, and conquer as a united force.

Transparent Incident Audit

The incident lifecycle is no longer a mystery. Following up the ability to assign incidents to users, our audit log in the form of the incident history in the bottom right of every Incident Details page shows you who’s been assigned to the incident, and when. Say goodbye to ambiguity and embrace transparency.

Mapping Impacted Areas from your Lineage

Impacted Areas in your Incident Details highlight the tables, reports, KPIs, Jobs and other assets that may be impacted by this incident.

Understanding the downstream impact of incidents is crucial, and we're here to help. Our Impacted Areas feature unveils all assets connected to an incident, allowing you to assess the broader ramifications of the incident. 

Ownership to these affected tables are also at your fingertips. You can now identify the custodians of affected tables and columns directly within the incident details panel. You can export this list as a csv and send them directly to their Owners to notify them of the potential issue.

Preview problematic rows directly 

Preview which rows generated the incident. Sensitive or PII information is automatically masked to prevent leak.

For Field Health incidents, we’ll show you a Preview of the problematic rows while safeguarding sensitive PII data with dynamic masking, offering a secure yet comprehensive view of the rows that triggered the incident without leaving decube. Of course, you’re still provided with a debugging statement to run it on your own in your preferred SQL editor.

A debug statement to be run in your SQL editor to start troubleshooting.

Upgrade your data observability journey with these remarkable enhancements to the Incident Details feature. Your valuable feedback continues to shape our product, and we're excited to witness the impact these improvements will have on your incident management process.

Stay vigilant, stay informed, and stay empowered.

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