Catalog Marketplace: Access Requests & Controls for Specific Assets

Explore our Catalog update: Access Request Workflow empowers users to request data, while Grant Access feature offers granular control.


Melanie Yong

Updated on

May 5, 2024

Let’s say today you started using a data catalog to start maintaining metadata across your organization. Decube's new Catalog Marketplace, automatically populated upon connecting data sources, is a central hub for exploration. As an administrator you give access to some departments, excited to empower them with newfound data exploration. But then reality sets in. Faced with a sprawling list of thousands of assets, users are met with overwhelm, not empowerment. Scrolling through endless tables and cryptic abbreviations, their initial enthusiasm quickly fades. The vast ocean of data becomes a barrier, not a bridge, to the insights they seek.

What if you want to limit access to these overwhelmed users while still letting your power users easily find the data they need? 

Granular Access Controls to Assets

Introducing the Granular Access Controls to Specific Assets, which allow administrators to grant by entire sources, entire schemas or to assets directly. This targeted approach not only reduces overwhelm, but also fosters trust and compliance by ensuring users access only what they need, minimizing the risk of accidental exposure to sensitive information.

Example of the Catalog when user has limited access.

You can limit access for users through their groups, to learn more how to grant access to your users, check this out.

Request Access to Assets

Imagine this: Sarah, a marketing analyst, needs customer purchase data for a targeted campaign. If she’s given an all-or-nothing access to the entire customer database, this may potentially expose sensitive financial information. But with the ability for data owners to Grant Access to Specific Assets, Sarah can request access to just the purchase data tables with the permissions she needs, ensuring data privacy and minimizing risk.

In the Access Request Workflow, Sarah's request lands directly in the lap of John, the customer data owner. John can review the request, understand Sarah's specific needs, and grant her temporary or permanent access with tailored permissions. This transparency fosters collaboration and ensures data is used responsibly, not haphazardly. Read more on the Access Request Workflow here.

Boost data trust for everyone.

Let's break it down:

- For Sarah: Easy access to the precise data she needs with streamlined workflows integrated directly to the systems she needs.

- For John: Granular control over his data, clear audit trails, and the ability to collaborate securely with colleagues.

But the benefits extend far beyond individual users:

- Administrators: Streamlined access management, reduced risk of data breaches, and improved compliance with data privacy regulations.

- Organizations: Enhanced data governance, increased trust in data-driven decisions, and a more collaborative, data-centric culture.

Try it out on your account today, or schedule a demo with us if you’re interested to find out more.

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