Monitor, debug and make your data stack reliable

Don't wait for stakeholders to let you know about inaccuracies in your dashboards, broken reports, or missing values.

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ML-powered Anomaly Detection

Leverage our advanced ML-powered anomaly detection model and streamlined incident management system to ensure data quality and reliability.

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Foresee and Prevent: Mitigate potential data issues before they escalate.

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Real-Time Response: Stay ahead of the curve with instant alerts.

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Access Downstream Impact: Gauge the potential downstream impact of anomalies on data assets.

Ensure consistent data quality and reliability with our engineer-centric solutions.

Seamless Data Source Integration and Custom Testing

Our solution offers seamless integration with diverse data sources for effortless data onboarding and a flexible data configuration module.

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No-Code Configuration: Simplify test setup for critical data quality metrics, including volume, null values, and duplicates - no coding required.

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Custom SQL Testing: Formulate custom tests using SQL queries to address specific business requirements.

Monitor your data pipelines with our versatile and user-friendly features, designed to guarantee data quality and accuracy across diverse data environments.

Enforce Trust and Data Quality through Data Contracts

Our tech-focused feature allows you to constitute strong data contracts for seamless collaboration and trust between data producers and consumers. Key advantages include:

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Promote data integrity and reliability: Enforce adherence to predefined data quality standards.

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Cultivate collaboration and transparency: Clearly define data obligations and expectations for all parties involved.

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Streamline data management: Administer a robust framework that supports data governance and reliability.

With Data Contracts, data producers can ensure that the data meets the required standards.

Monitor Data Pipeline Performance with Advance Monitoring

Extensive monitoring features to ensure your data pipelines operate efficiently and reliably:

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Realtime Visibility: Stay informed on ETL job progress with the latest status updates in the Asset Details Overview, enabling swift response to potential anomalies.

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Seamless Integration: Connect with popular communication platforms such as MS Teams or Slack for instant failure alerts.

Maintain high-performing data pipelines that ensure uninterrupted data flow and timely delivery of critical insights.

Your AI-Driven Companion - Decube CoPilot

AI-powered assistant integrated into the Decube Platform to help you work more efficiently through:

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Personalized assistance: Receive custom support and guidance for efficient data handling and data interpretation.

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Intelligent metadata curation: Automatically organize and manage metadata to improve data discovery.

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Advanced Text2SQL feature: Modify natural language into SQL codes to simplify data retrieval.

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Automated data quality suggestions: Capitalize on Auto-Suggest DQ to proactively address data quality issues.

Work smarter with Decube CoPilot in streamlining your data management workflow.

Triage Data Issues with Column-Level Lineage

Gain comprehensive pipeline visibility through our Column-Level Lineage mapping by:

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End-to-end Transparency: Track data flow from source to target.

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Efficient Root-cause Analysis: Facilitate timely resolution by swiftly pinpointing the source of data issues and their downstream impact.

Utilizing column-level lineage can maintain high data accuracy, reliability, and trust.

Automated Data Governance with Advanced Classification and Tagging

Automate Data Governance through Policy Management:

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Automated Policy Management: Simplify data asset tagging and classification through a policy-driven approach to guarantee data consistency and accuracy.

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Confidentiality Protection: Safeguard sensitive information by applying rules to mask specific keywords, such as addresses, ensuring data privacy and compliance.

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Custom Data Classification: Tag or classify assets according to your organization's specific requirements, such as GDPR, PII, Sensitive, Internal, Restricted, and more.

Efficiently manage and protect your critical data assets while maintaining regulatory compliance and data privacy.

Observability and Discoverability in one place

For data teams. By a data team.

Unleash the full potential of your data team for greater efficiency, collaboration and impact.

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Boost productivity

Reduce 45% debugging time for Data teams.

Improve 55% turnaround time for Data engineers.

Reduce 60% cost of managing data quality via open-source or manual scripts.

Our Supported Integrations

Amazon Redshift
Google BigQuery

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Integrate with Ease

Connect to popular sources like Redshift, Google Big Query and PostgreSQL in less than 15 minutes without code.

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Reach solutions quicker.

Reduce time to debug

Get alerted to what broke and where it happened so you can quickly fix the issue before it impacts your business.

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Smart Alerts

We grouped alerts together so you don't get spammed by a 100+ alerts a day while still providing a holistic view of the incidents.

People are loving Decube, see what you are missing

“We have been using this platform for a few months now, and we are extremely satisfied with the results. The platform has helped us to improve the quality of our data and make better business decisions.”

Hendrie | Head - Data Engineering @ Koinworks

“Our company has been using this platform for the past 2 months and it has completely transformed the way we manage our data. The observability features have been especially valuable, allowing us to identify and resolve issues in near real-time”

Simon | Data Engineer @ Flowerchimp

“The data observability features have been a real lifesaver for our organization. We are now able to detect and fix problems in our data pipeline much faster than before.”

Siva | OpsEngineer @ Kollect

Start monitoring your

All in one place

Comprehensive and centralized solution for data governance, and observability.

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